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Redmine Glossary Plugin

This is a plugin for Redmine to create a glossary that is a list of terms in a project.

This is a remake version of the original glossary plugin. The main goal of remaking is to fit for the recent redmine version to be maintainable.

The use

  • Management of technical terms in a system analysis phase
  • Interlinear translation table
  • Translate table from term to data type (class name)
  • Management of naming examples in a coding

To get


The branches are as follows:

  • master for the recent Redmine version
  • develop under developping for the next release
  • support/2.x original glossary plugin ported for Redmine 2.x
  • support/3.x original glossary plugin ported for Redmine 3.x
  • support/4.0or1/based_original original glossary plugin ported for Redmine 4.0 or 4.1

Installation and Setup

  1. Copy the plugin directory into the Redmine's plugin directory. Note that the name of plugin's directory should be "redmine_glossary".
  2. Migrate plugin task.
  3. Restart the redmine.
  4. Set permission of glossary plugin in "Administration > Roles and permissions"


  • rails redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=redmine_glossary VERSION=0