collection of perl modules and scripts simplifying working with OSSEC( from perl.
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OSSEC Module


This is a collection of perl modules and scripts simplifying working with OSSEC( from perl.



Main module of this distribution. Provides OSSEC configuration file parsing to read database credentials from it.

Using methods of the OSSEC module makes sure that the base path to OSSEC is always set in the other modules.


Simplifies logging to files, e.g. for active response at the moment. You are able to use different logging types (info,error,fatal,debug) and select the file to log to.


Simplifies to query and work with OSSEC and its MySQL database output. At the moment you are able to search for an alert given by its id. Update the signature table within the database, which is not done by the current(3.5.0) version of OSSEC.


Updates the agent tabes within the MySQL database.

Parses all the rules files of OSSEC and updates the signature table wthin the MySQL database.


Stable Version

The stable version can always be installed from CPAN using the cpan tool of your linux distribution.

Git install

For installing fresh from the git repository you need a perl installation including the Dist::Zilla package. The use of plenv( is encouraged.

git clone
dzil build
cpanm OSSEC-<version>.tar.gz


Dominik Meyer