Command Line Issue Manager using git as backend
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App::Git::IssueManager is a Perl Application for using git as an issue store creating a distributed issue management system. It uses the Git::IssueManager Module to implement all management fu.


git issue init -t "TST"   # initialize the issue management in an existing git reposittory
git issue add -s "Bug1" -d "This is a bug"  # add an issue
git issue list            # list all open issues
git issue                 # list all available commands


Issue management is an essential part in modern software engineering. In most cases tools like jira or github are used for this task. The central nature of these tools is a large disadvantage if you are often on the road. Furthermore if you are using git for version control you have everything available for distributed issue management.


  • save your issues within your project
  • manage issues on the road, without internet access
  • write your own scripts for issue management


  • no easy way to let users add issues without pull request yet
  • not all functions implemented yet


  • add issues
  • list issues
  • assign workers to an issue
  • start and close issues
  • delete issues