Container Image to run rss2email in docker or a kubernetes cluster
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RSS2Email Container Image

This repository contains the Containerfile and associated scripts for a container image that runs rss2email.

The Containerfile is heavily based on the Dockerfile provided by rss2email.



  • Buildah


Building the Container Image

You can build the container image using the following command:

```bash buildah bud -t rss2email:latest . ```

Running the Container

You can create and run a container from this image with the following command:

```bash podman run -d --name rss2email rss2email:latest ```

Pushing the Container Image to a Registry

With Buildah:

```bash buildah push rss2email:latest docker:////rss2email:latest ```

Replace <registry> with the name of your Docker registry and <username> with your username on that registry.


The configuration of rss2email is done via environment variables. You can specify these on the Docker run command line with the -e option or define them in an environment variable file and specify that with the --env-file option.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.