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Yet Another Argument Parser (YAAP)

YAAP is a simple command line argument parser for C. It uses functions and structures to add arguments to the parsing context and parse the command line.


Dominik Meyer dmeyer@federationhq.de


Copyright 2018 by Dominik Meyer Licensed under GPLv3


  • git like command support (git commit)
  • short and long flag support ( -t YAAP or title=YAAP)
  • string argument support ( -t YAAP or title=YAAP)
  • simple flags (-v, -V, -h, help)
  • integer arguments (-c 10)


  • hex arguments ( -c 0x5A)


YAAP is intented to be copied into your project directory. Different approaches are available:

  • simpe copy argparse.h and argparse.c into your source directory
  • add the github repository as a submodule
  • add the github repository as a subtree
  • add the github repository as a subrepo

In all cases you have to make sure that argparse.c is compiled into an object file and is appended to your link stage.


The Doxygen documentation can be found at https://byterazor.github.io/yaap/ .

Signed Commits

All commits are signed with the GPG key for dmeyer@federationhq.de valid from 2017-07-30

Fingerprint: 8A96 F2F7 FC07 3485 C724 9879 B4C3 12B6 0060 6B64