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# Yet Another Argument-Parser
# Yet Another Argument Parser (YAAP)
Another small command-line argument parser for C.
YAAP is a simple command line argument parser for C. It uses functions and structures to add arguments to the parsing context and parse the command line.
## Author
Dominik Meyer <>
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Copyright 2018 by Dominik Meyer Licensed under GPLv3
## Features
* git like command support (git commit)
* short and long flag support ( -t YAAP or title=YAAP)
* string argument support ( -t YAAP or title=YAAP)
## Coming
* simple flags (-v, -V, -h, help)
* integer arguments (-c 10)
* hex arguments ( -c 0x5A)
## Installation
YAAP is intented to be copied into your project directory. Different approaches are available:
* simpe copy argparse.h and argparse.c into your source directory
* add the github repository as a submodule
* add the github repository as a subtree
* add the github repository as a subrepo
In all cases you have to make sure that argparse.c is compiled into an object file and is appended to your link stage.
## Signed Commits
All commits are signed with the GPG key for valid from 2017-07-30
Fingerprint: 8A96 F2F7 FC07 3485 C724 9879 B4C3 12B6 0060 6B64
## Description