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title = "Cloud-based design and manufacturing: A new paradigm in digital manufacturing and design innovation ",
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abstract = "Abstract Cloud-based design manufacturing (CBDM) refers to a service-oriented networked product development model in which service consumers are enabled to configure, select, and utilize customized product realization resources and services ranging from computer-aided engineering software to reconfigurable manufacturing systems. An ongoing debate on \{CBDM\} in the research community revolves around several aspects such as definitions, key characteristics, computing architectures, communication and collaboration processes, crowdsourcing processes, information and communication infrastructure, programming models, data storage, and new business models pertaining to CBDM. One question, in particular, has often been raised: is cloud-based design and manufacturing actually a new paradigm, or is it just “old wine in new bottles”? To answer this question, we discuss and compare the existing definitions for CBDM, identify the essential characteristics of CBDM, define a systematic requirements checklist that an idealized \{CBDM\} system should satisfy, and compare \{CBDM\} to other relevant but more traditional collaborative design and distributed manufacturing systems such as web- and agent-based design and manufacturing systems. To justify the conclusion that \{CBDM\} can be considered as a new paradigm that is anticipated to drive digital manufacturing and design innovation, we present the development of a smart delivery drone as an idealized \{CBDM\} example scenario and propose a corresponding \{CBDM\} system architecture that incorporates CBDM-based design processes, integrated manufacturing services, information and supply chain management in a holistic sense. "
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